How to Sell Vehicle Online?

Aug 05, 2020
When it comes to offline selling of vehicle, there can be many problems. Dissimilar to the previous decade at the time of selling a vehicle was done through close friends or local offline car dealers. In the present days, people prefer to sell their vehicles through an online portal. The old way of selling automobiles was a bit complex. The main issue in selling a vehicle back then was deciding the fair price of the car.

What are the benefits of online vehicle selling?
Online auto-marketplaces make it possible for you to sell car online from the comfort of your home. The whole world is turning towards the virtual vehicle selling sites to sell 2nd-hand cars.

Selling vehicle online
The most prominent advantage of selling a used car online is that it saves your time in finding the local used car dealers. On a daily basis, people visit the online market place which makes selling a used vehicle quicker and trouble-free. In addition, selling on virtual platforms save you from the additional dealer fees.

Why online selling?
The main difference between online selling behavior and an offline selling behavior is that it tells the seller the fair price of a vehicle according to the current market value of that vehicle. Only with a single click of a button, you can know the fair price of a used vehicle in a short amount of time. The whole procedure right from putting out an advertisement to selling your vehicle is transparent. Also, it is easy to understand. The virtual auto marketplace is beneficial for new as well as used car dealers.

Tips on selling your vehicle online

Get your title documents ready
Your title proves your ownership and your right to transfer it. If you purchased your vehicle outright from a dealer or private seller, you need to have the title in your possession. However, if you bought your vehicle through a loan, the bank may have your title. And, you might have to reach out to them to find out whether they will release it to you.
In case you find yourself in the poor position of having lost your title, you might be required to apply to the relevant government authority in your area. If you bought your vehicle, find the sales receipt. If your car was bought at a dealership or other commercial retailer, you need to have got a sales receipt when you purchased it. If it is covered by an ongoing service warranty connected to your purchase, having the actual sales receipt is highly useful.
Get any required clearance certificates
There are many jurisdictions that need that vehicles are tested to cater to emissions. You are required to check with the relevant government authority in your area or country to see what clearances are needed. In case you fail a required test, you will require to have maintenance work done on your vehicle to make sure that it can pass the test the next time around.
Gather all available maintenance receipts
Whether you are the type of diligent person who daily takes their vehicle in for periodic maintenance, having receipts and reports is important to impress potential buyers. It shows that your vehicle has been well looked after and that you’ve added value to it.
Perform pre-sale maintenance
You might have to ensure that your car is at its mechanical and cosmetic best if you wish it to have appeal. Till your vehicle has been looked after well, this will involve certain costs. You need to have your car washed and vacuumed. You might have to keep copies of all receipts and reports to show buyers.
Look into your market
Once you have got your vehicle and its documents in the right order, you are required to look into your mileage. This will enable you to get a sense of how much a vehicle like yours is worth in the present times. You need to form an idea of your lowest price and your asking price.
Take photos of your vehicle
While selling online, appealing images of your vehicle are vital to drawing buyers in. Low quality photos would not help you. The suitable time of day to shoot is either after sunrise, or before sunset. You can use a relatively recent smartphone or digital camera. Do away with using older phones as these tend to produce grainy pictures of low resolution.
You can take photos of the interior and exterior from various angles with doors. Do not be afraid to click scratches and various other imperfections. These tend to show honesty. This helps in building trust with various potential buyers.
Write an effective title for your ad
Make sure to keep the title concise and specific. This includes the make, model, price and mileage along with any keywords which describe optional extras. You can make your description personal and relatable by talking about why you purchased it, how you have enjoyed it, why you are selling it and why etc. You can spend an hour writing your description. Make sure to proofread it when you are done. Try to save your description offline. You can do it in a document file on your computer. This way you can edit and proofread it.
Pick online venues
You can pick online car selling portal and list your vehicle for sale. This is likely to depend on where you stay. You need to be clear about your asking price. You need to know about the acceptable mode of payment. Ensure that you include a contact number or email address. In general, this depends on your communications preferences. You can upload the maximum number of photos that is allowed. You can host more on another site in case you have several which cannot be accommodated.
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